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FL License # B1900250

The owner of FSW First Response Solution Inc. is an independent security consultant based in Eustis, Florida. Clark attended Ashworth College in Atlanta, GA where he obtained an AA in Criminal Justice, and a Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management. He has a 3rd-degree black belt in Karate and is certified in active shooter training and emergency response hurricane unit.


With over 29 years of experience, he has been a private investigator, security and recruitment manager, and a Bossier City police officer. He served as City Marshall translator and worked with the Venezuelan Interpol and large companies that are associated with national accounts.

Clark also has experience in working undercover, scuba-diving, K9 unit dog-handling, and is also a member of various network business groups. Along with him, Clark has two more associates who had experience in LEO and over 15 years in customer services respectively.

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